About iHubbub

iHubbub is a virtual home working world. iHubbub is a way for millions of people to come together, from across different generations, cultures and places, to share their home working experiences, skills and to share in our home working world.

iHubbub allows you to share all your work from home interests on the web by pinning your details to our home working map.

You can browse pins created by other freelancers, home workers and home business owners to discover new opportunities close by to exchange and swap with like-minded people who share your interests and support other members in our home business community.

Members show pins to for a variety of services that you may need locally or from a wider audience.

Each and every home worker, remote worker, freelance consultant, self-employed contractor, home business, online start-up entreprenuer and anyone that makes use of a home office is welcome to pin themselves or their business interests [also known as Hubs] on iHubbub.

All our visitors will have the chance to see your pins, browse more details about you, connect with you and share your pins to build up an interactive home working world!


Why iHubbub?

Have you noticed the 'Hubbub' when you listen to home workers networking?  

Virtual companies, freelance consultants, remote or mobile workers, home workers and home based businesses create an ‘excited fuss’ when they network and socialise with other businesses.

There is something so special about the energy and passion the home working revolution generates.

The very essence of this 'excited fuss' is the inspiration for iHubbub. Our social networking community is welcoming, encouraging, unassuming and above all supportive.

So, come in, leave your shoes at the shoes at the door, put your feet up and join us for a cuppa while you network amongst other home businesses trotting around the world.

Why was iHubbub Created?

iHubbub was created to help a variety of people who prefer or need to have a flexible home working option to come together and support each other with connections and sharing and gain the benefit of increased awareness for their business interests using iHubbub’s business development tools. We want to help you promote your business and by doing so we will all build a stronger community.

Who is behind iHubbub?

iHubbub was founded by Ken Sheridan and Paula Wynne. Read more about the founders of iHubbub.

When Did iHubbub Launch?

iHubbub.com was beta-launched in December 2011 after a year in building the site and another year prior to that creating the concept. The Beta testing from Dec 2011 to our new launch in June 2012 gave us a several months to test and improve the community site before our global launch.

iHubbub's Brand Values

iHubbub is a social community for remote, virtual, freelance and home workers as well as  business start-ups, sharing perspectives and lifestyle choices. It is the place for the home working world to hang out!

1. The destination of choice for relevant information for home workers, business start-ups, and work  life blend.

2. The most comprehensive Market Square for remote working jobs as well as basic services from within our community.

3. iHubbub is social networking for flexible home workers, freelance consultants, home and remote workers – an exciting new social networking site for the new world of work.

4. To create a Cosmopolitan Directory of home businesses, virtual companies, freelance consultants and remote or mobile workers and home workers across the globe who support each others challenges, share skills and experience and celebrate new opportunities.

This exciting new site is for everyone who wants a flexible work option. We feature flexible and part time jobs, remote work, mobile positions, jobs working from home, home business opportunities, home based franchises, contracts, freelance work and outsourced projects.

iHubbub is about being on the move to increase business mobility. We connect remote workers, home workers, virtual companies, freelance consultants as well as home based businesses to network, engage and support each other.

Home Business Social Networking

iHubbub is a member’s community, free to join, welcoming of all who are interested and involved in the rapidly emerging new world of work. It is packed full of information and advice, as well as job opportunities, plus the means of interacting with other like-minded individuals in order to share ideas on how to minimise challenges and maximise the opportunities that confront remote workers, virtual freelance consultants, home workers and home based businesses.

It’s like a FaceBook for professional home and remote workers!

And as far as we know, entirely unique, in terms of what it does and whose ‘boxes’ it ticks. In other words, we aim for this site to become the social networking brand leader for the new world of work across the planet.

Ken Sheridan

Ken Sheridan, Co Founder of Remote Employment. Ken Sheridan has had a long corporate career in marketing, business development and general management in the UK and abroad.

Ken has wored for worked for companies such Hutchison Wampoa on brands such as Monster Munch, Pepsi, Tetley Tea, Sunkist Orange and launched Powwow Water in the UK.

Ken has some very interesting stories about launching new products and often has his audience in stitches with his quick wit and buckets of guff!

Paula Wynne

Paula Wynne, a publicist, marketer and award-winning online entrepreneur, is the bestselling author of Create A Successful Website and Pimp My Site, and is co-founder of Remote Employment, a job board for home based working and iHubbub, a home business social community.

Paula is the organizer of the unique and popular Remote Worker Awards.  As well as being a SEEDA Women's Enterprise Ambassador, Paula runs training workshops on PR, Search Engine Optimisation and Creating A Successful Website. She is often invited to talk on how the exciting remote working culture is revolutionizing the work place of the future.

Paula won Karen Darby as a mentor and the BT Global Action Plan Responsible Business Day Award. She was nominated in the Top 100 Companies in the Barclays Trading Places Award and was runner up for the Enterprise Challenge in the 2009 Enterprising Women Awards.


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