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About Andrew

Skills 1st is a 2-person IT business. We specialise in Directory Services, Network Management, E-mail Systems, and a range of open-source technology.

Directories and LDAP:

Most organisations have several databases about people: usually the same people. This is why you have to tell your employer/college/local council several times when you change your address or phone number. Annoying isn't it?
A large part of my work is helping to link up these databases (often called Directories) so that you only have to tell each organisation once. I also design and build LDAP directory systems: these are normally used to store login information for computer networks, and to act as the central addressbook for e-mail systems.

Network Management:

If your business depends on multiple computers in data-centres then you should probably be monitoring them so that you spot problems before your customers do. This is Jane's speciality, and her favourite system for doing it is Zenoss - an open-source monitoring system that is also available as a commercial product.


We write and deliver training courses related to our consulting work. Popular courses at the moment cover Zenoss, OpenLDAP, LDAP for Linux, and IBM Tivoli Directory Integrator.
Along the way, we have become adept at producing books using print-on-demand services.


  • Some of our training manuals