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Top Benefits For Polycarbonate Optical Components

Optical materials have changed significantly over the years. Where we once used a slew of plastics and glass, others envision alternative options that offer more than meets the eye. With the inception and ultimately widespread use of polycarbonate, manufacturers were able to customize optical components and create amazing products and more options for their customers to choose from. There are incredible benefits, especially when talking about polycarbonate optics. Let’s review why you might select polycarbonate optical components for your glasses brand.

Polycarbonate Offer UV Protection

For your customers, it might—and should be— essential to protect their eyes. This is not just with a tinted option for their lens but also from the lens itself. The great thing about polycarbonate lenses is that they offer 100% UV protection. This is an excellent selling point, especially for frame manufacturers that wish to add options for kids and active adults.

Light Weight

Something many admire about the polycarbonate options for frames is that it is thinner and lighter than its plastic counterparts. This will ultimately translate into more comfortable wear for your customers. Even those with lower prescription needs will find that the lightweight properties of polycarbonate to be a more comfortable solution.

Impact Resistant

One of the most disappointing things to happen to a glasses wear is shattering or scratching their favorite pair of glasses. This means they would have to go through the hassles of repairs or, worse, having to choose a different frame. Polycarbonate is built tough. It is impact-resistant. This means individuals don’t have to worry about shattering. Not only is this a sigh of relief when it comes to a pair of glasses being able to go where you go, but it also is crucial for safety. Back when actual glass was used, and still some plastics today, safety concerns around lenses shattering were huge. Polycarbonate solved this issue.

Strong Prescriptions

Those that need a substantial boost in their vision will find that polycarbonate optical components will be a better solution. This has to do with a combination of factors, including all of those above. There is no limit for the polycarbonate material, and it works great at all levels and for a variety of eye strengths.

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