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Here in Auto Clean Freak we bring you the newest and most up-to-date content of cleaning your car and what products you can use. We work constantly to improve and update our reviews and articles about the constantly changing world of car detailing.
This site tries to answer as many questions as possible in an accessible way that will ensure our customers cars keep quite healthy looking. We want you to understand that the common notion that only a car cleaning professional can make your car look like new.
You only need a little bit of reading and a few answered questions from Auto Clean Freak so you will be able to do as much of a good job as someone who does this for a living, car detailing has gained a lot of popularity in the past 10 years creating a whole industry around itself where there are countless ways to keep your car in a pristine condition with products from several companies that are pretty affordable and available to the public in order to help them keep their cars clean both in the inside and on the outside.
Car vacuum cleaners are your best friends when it comes to most of the interior detailing process and knowing how to pick the best one isn’t going to be easy due to the abundance of models out there but we will try to help you out. We have a Car Vacuum Cleaners Comparison Chart where we will give you our favorite picked models for this year showing you their strengths and weaknesses in detail like their hose length, blowing capabilities, portability and storage, filtration, customer support and warranty and of course Budget and benefits of owing a car vacuum cleaner.
We’ll give you a lot of information about how to clean your car’s interior the best way possible, and believe us every single car cleaning tips you’ll get from us are going to give you the power to know all the steps to be able to enjoy a clean car all the time and will also protect and preserve your car’s interior maintaining its value.
Every time that your seats get stained remember that you can find solutions in our website where we’ll give you a lot of cleaning information using households items but also we’ll give you the option of using commercial stain removers, knowing how to get stains out of your car seats is a valuable tool everybody needs to know in order to keep his car’s interior fresh and clean.