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Many small businesses, web owners and home based businesses don't realise the potential they hold as an expert to the media.

iHubbub is setting up an online directory of home working experts, with an index list of experts, media experts, commentators and expert specialists as well as industry expetise.

Our experts provide information, comments, experience, expert skills, specialist knowledge and analysis on news subjects, current affairs and specialist products and services. 

Read these guidelines on how to post an expert profile on iHubbub or dive straight in and sign up to our Gold Membership to become an expert!

Benefits Of Being An iHubbub Expert:

Find Industry Experts on iHubbub

1. Opportunity to gain media coverage for you and your business.

2. You may get national media exposure which will cost you nothing other than time.
3. Help build news stories for your business or website.
4. Increase credibility and boost your PR campaigns.
5. Helps to find new clients and cements relations with current clients.

iHubbub Helps Experts:

* Find out who is searching for experts
* Decide if you are an expert
* Build media relations with a few top tips
* Guide you to complet your iHubbub Expert Profile


Who's Searching for Experts?

The Media are constantly on the hunt for anyone who can help, advise and supply expert knowledge on specialist subjects. TV and Radio researchers often invite industry experts and opinion leaders into their studios for live broadcasts on a variety of subjects.

National newspaper and magazine journalists who require information or comments on forward features and planned editorial calendar topics are always on the hunt to find expertise knowledge and skills on topical issues or relevant subjects.

In other words, the media could be looking for you!

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Could You Be An Expert?

An Expert is anyone with either the specialist knowledge or experience in any subject that might be of interest or value to a journalist, editor or anyone in the media and the media related industry. They often need information, comments or advise and may invite you for an interview for a news story or feature.

Many small business owners and home based businesses don't realise the potential they hold as an expert to the media.

The Media are looking for:

  1. Qualified Professionals - this includes Lawyers, Doctors, Consultants, Surgeons, Accountants, Architects and many other experts in the medical field.
  2. Academics -Professors, Lecturers, Senior Researchers.
  3. Official Experts - Professional Bodies, Trade Unions, Industry, Business, Political Parties.
  4. Spokespeople from Associations, Institutes, Guilds, Societies, Charities, Campaign Groups, Religious Organisations, Research Centresand Sports Authorities.
  5. Individuals - including Financial Advisors, Business Entrepreneurs, Consultants, Musicians, Entertainers, Actors, Performers, Sportspeople, Writers and Authors.
  6. Media - they are also looking for other members of the media such as Specialist Editors, Journalists, Political and Social Commentators.


Post A iHubbub Expert Profile

Read these guidelines on how to post an expert profile on iHubbub. It will help you to post an expert profile to gain media attention to showcase your expertise as an expert. We actively promote our list of industry experts to the media so get in on the act now and get listed as a home working expert.


Become An Industry Expert

Media Relations Top Tips

1. Tailor each response with relevance to what the information the journalist is requesting.
2. Build relations by asking if there is any other information you can give them.
3. Ensure you give value for money with good quality story ideas or content.
4. Show human interest behind your media campaigns – journalists want the human angle!
5. Ensure your profile is up to date and complete.
6. We are in contact with the media on a daily basis and if they want a good case study if we can refer them to you if your profile is complete.
7. Share your challenges and successes with other members in the forums.

Good luck and welcome aboard iHubbub's Experts!



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