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Person-centred counsellor

Business Services, United Kingdom.

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  • Counselling; bereavement counselling; trauma and abuse counselling; dementia work

About Max

I welcome anyone who would like to talk over their life; I have particular experience in working with:

people suffering from anxiety, depression or low self-esteem
people experiencing the effects of trauma and abuse, including dissociative episodes
people who have lost someone important to them, recently or many years ago, by death, disappearance or separation
older people, including those with a diagnosis of dementia or other degenerative disease, and their carers
people discovering or questioning their faith/spirituality, or have suffered spiritual abuse, whether in cults or in mainstream religious organisations.

The foundation of person-centred therapy is the belief that, damaged, discouraged and desperate as we may be, we all have a natural impetus towards health; as its founder, Carl Rogers, put it, towards “becoming the self that we truly are”. A person-centred counsellor is not the expert in their client's condition; only the client can be that. We are counsellor and client, yes, but first and foremost we are two human beings. What works isn’t techniques or any wisdom the counsellor might have, but the therapeutic relationship between those two human beings: it is the relationship that heals. The counselling room is a safe place to think, say or feel things you need to say, think or feel, knowing that you will be met with respect, empathy and honesty.