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When I think of the best deli near me, as much as I love the amazing sandwiches, hot off the griddle breakfasts, the late-night bacon egg and cheese and more – the sad fact is that I don’t really give the deli a second thought. Don’t get me wrong, aside from my own apartment and maybe my desk at work, my neighbourhood deli is certainly the place I visit most, making 1,2 or even sometimes 3 trips there in a single day. The guy usually laughs at me for how often I end up having to come back for paper plates, utensils, this or that. Despite the fact that it’s clearly someplace that epitomises my neighbourhood, and is the place that many from my area congregate, of all different races, age groups, nationalities and more. But sadly, when it comes to the best deli near me, I, like most of my neighbours, probably don’t give it a second thought once we get our eggs and hash browns or our bacon egg and cheese. And the fact is that being a deli worker takes a whole lot, that’s why there’s some delis you visit in NYC that simply don’t have the needed flavor profile in their egg sandwiches or their chopped cheese sandwiches.