Are you a desk potato?

Grab your morning coffee, sit down and take five to share your secret garden spot  - after all - you're the boss!

Are You A Desk Potato

We must all agree, one of
the best benefits to being self employed is the freedom to enjoy your coffee break when you like, where you like. How do you stay focused when your home is also your work?

Share your garden spot. ” 

Do you retreat to the bottom of your garden and sit beneath the share your photos on iHubbubtrees?

Are you this lucky sole who resides beside the sea and sips a cappuccino listening to the waves?

Or perhaps you prefer to simply put your feet up on the sofa and flick on the TV for a brief peak at daytime Television?

If you do linger in your sun-trap do you get nap-ish? Find out why?

So, go on, go on, go on ... share your secret by adding your outdoor spots and have a little fun - vote for your fav!