Book Reviewers Needed

Do you love reading? Do you need to learn while you read? And can you sling a good sentence or two together?

If so, get in touch with us as iHubbub's reviews are very popular and we need reviewers to read for us.

How it works:
1. Lodge your contact details with us via our contact page.
2. Tell us your interests.
3. Write a paragraph or two about our site so we can see your writing style.
4. Send us your own personal review on the famous film 'Sixth Sense'.
5. If you cut the mustard, we'll send you a book to review.
6. You keep the book and we'll give you a credit for writing the review.

Ideal for writers and authors wanting to get their name in "lights"!

We have stacks of great books waiting for you. Give it a go!!