Olympics 2012 London Workers test Remote Working initiative by Government



As the UK prepares for the 2012 Olympics, measures to reduce traffic and keep the Capital flowing are in place to make the event as problem-free as possible.

The Government is encouraging some of it's workers to consider transport options within the dates July 27th and 12th of August. As it predicts many of the public transport systems will be exceptionally busy during these dates, they are asking workers to consider their transport options with the possibility of using bikes, or walking, as an alternative to get to the workplace and avoid adding to the congestion within London.

The week beginning the 6th of February saw the Government test the use of Remote Working, and had civil servants cycle to work, as a strategy to help keep the UK moving. In additon the workers are encouraged to also consider any alternative routes, and times, to avoid the busiest periods of the day.

Home workers need to also consider the effects the Games may have on their Internet connection as the public watch online. Although it has been suggested that ISPs (Internet Service Providers) may cap data during busy times to create an equal service to the entire customer base. It is still suggested that Home Workers check their band width in preparation.

MWB Business Exchange have been trying to encourage businesses to consider a temporary relocation away from the centre of London.

However, the advice isn't all about avoiding the Games as it is also about being part of such a unique event. So for the commuters still making it into the office every day the advice is to soak up the atmosphere, enjoy a delayed -but enjoyable- time in the Capital, and experience a unique city summer.


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