Write for iHubbub

Happy Monday Bubs!

Hope you had a great weeekend and feel fully re-charged ready for the week to begin. Especially as many of you will be enduring or relishing half-term this week.

Here at iHubbub we are busy talking to authors and writers about their books and we are also very keen for new and unpublished authors to get involved.

We'd like to hear from you.

If you dabble at writing, you are trying to J. K. Rowling your way into the market or you are already there. We LOVE reading here and we want to use books as one of our resources for members to get inspiration and information.

If you want to get noticed and you have a flair for writing, why not write for iHubbub?

Blogs are a great way of writing to an audience while retaining your personality. Letting people see your fun side while also conveying a point. So, if you want to 'rock' your writing, come on over to the write for us page.

Come aboard the iHubbub train and get your writing going full steam ahead!

Ciao for now