Twitter For Home Business Success

When it comes to using Twitter or any social media platform as part of your home business online marketing plan it helps to know what you are doing for effective Twitter marketing.

Thankfully Nicky Kriel’s How To Twitter For Business Success does that really well.

This is a great little book on Twitter marketing tips, very clearly laid out and easy to dip in and out of. It is not just for newbies to Twitter marketing, but also for those of us that have been Tweeting a while! I not only learnt new ideas, I was also reminded of the best ways to tweet and some of the cool functions on Twitter that I had forgotten.

Nicky Kriel Twitter Book

To give the book a full test run I used a Twitter account I have had for years and not used that much.

I had set up automated tweets in the beginning for when a new page went live or there was a new blog page and let it run on autopilot.

I know, I am hanging my head in shame!

And I know that using Twitter as part of your plan to gain more traffic to your website is a great way to increase the success of your home business, so I know I need to do more.

I also use Twitter as part of iHubbub's social media campaign, and even though I use it regularly I found the chapter Questions Every Business Owner Should Ask Themselves really useful, I managed to write new reasons for being on Twitter. It is a great way to re-focus your efforts.

It was my very own light bulb moment.

The social side of our home business website is not about how pretty a product is, or the latest products on the site – they are both push messages, now I have been mixing them in with great real life stories and other more in the news and relevant stories. Plus the conversations I have had on Twitter have been fantastic.

This has really helped me come up with a plan for how I will be using Twitter for iHubbub's success in the future. Along with the etiquette for retweets and replies, well you don't want to come across as being rude. 

Throughout the book Nicky has also recommended some great free Twitter tools, as well as those that are worth paying for. The good thing for me was you also get told what the particular tool or website is best to be used for.

Some I had heard about, but others are new to me and those that I have used have really helped with the analysis of what is working and what I need to do more of.

As a side note, while I have been reading Nicky’s book, my sister-in-law came to stay, she is an engineer starting up a home business and hasn’t been able to see the point of Social Media, however many times I have tried to explain it to her!

Nicky's book has started her on her social media journey which is why I know it is an easy book to dip in and out of, as it disappeared for hours while she was here. I know what I will be getting her for her birthday as I am keeping mine, close to my computer for when I feel any naughty old habits are creeping back in.

The only thing that I feel it is missing is images, for a newbie this would really help know where you are meant to be going.

Twitter Marketing Webinar

Nicky is running a free Twitter training webinar on iHubbub on 5th June 2013 and will share her knowledge on how to successfully use Twitter to market yourself with us, places are limited so sign up now.