Xposing Herself In Her Spare Room

Ok, so she's not actually exposing herself, but Jill Tipping's PR business is instrumental in promoting other people's businesses ... so in a sense she is not only xposing herself but her clients' too!

Jee Jill - you get up to some nonsense ... err fun ... err exposure in your home working day.

Seriously though, Xposure Ltd could accurately be described as a home business start-up, a spare room start-up and even a wardrobe start-up!

Jill says she's not kidding - she's used just about every room in her house whilst setting up her home-based business, but the wardrobe was the most unusual. She would open the sliding door, move the chair over and slide out the keyboard onto an open drawer.

It was the only place available as she had three children at home and wanted to be able to shut her work away at the end of the day.

As somebody who frequently opens up her laptop to find sticky fingermarks all over the keys, I think the wardrobe sounds like a very sensible idea!

From Home-Working Wardrobe To Home Office

I was curious to know whether Jill still felt the need to set out her marketing materials amongst her clothes, but she now has a more conventional setting for her home working.

When her daughter left home eight years ago Jill took over the now spare bedroom for her new home office

She did try moving into office premises for a year, but found that due to her mostly working odd hours and weekends it didn't make sense to have such a large outgoing.

Jill says that she learned over the years that the most important thing to know when thinking about how to start a home business is to keep overheads low; working from home certainly does that. Moving out of her office and back home saved her business throughout the recession as she could just not justify the expense.

So she moved back to that spare room, and now runs Xposure Ltd successfully from there, utilising Dropbox to share work with her associates and clients, and making her online diary accesible through Google. 

We all know that whilst working from home is a brilliant way to combine work and family life,Jill Tipping's PR business Xposure says working from home in pajamas just does not work but I wondered if Jill came across any downsides when starting her home business? 

She says that the main issue that she has found with working from home is switching off.

She loves what she does so it is not a chore - but she has a family and enjoys their time together, so she has to make a real effort to turn the laptop off and become a wife and mum again.

Conversely, she sometimes struggles with the ‘I’ll just do …’ syndrome. So she'll ‘just put the washing out’ or ‘just run the hoover round’.

We know how that can eat into the day if you are not really strict with yourself!

Jill knows that her start-up won't stay in the spare room forever though; her business plan is gearing towards Xposure's expansion in a year's time, employing two members of part-time staff, and she intends to start looking for office premises again in a few months.

After that she hopes to grow to include five members of staff in the next three to five years.

Looking ahead to the future this start-up entrepreneur would also like to train up a new managing director to take over the company when she steps down. 

As Xposure Ltd grows from strength-to-strength Jill offers this advice to people about how to start a home business:

Keep overheads as low as possible. Be disciplined - remember your work/life balance.

Some home workers walk round the block at the beginning and end of the day to mark their working time. I don’t do that myself but I can see how that would work.'

And finally ...

Dress for work - Pyjamas just don’t work!

Now there I disagree - there's nothing like settling down to work in a comfy dressing gown and fluffy slippers!

Sorry Jill - I simply couldn't resist my naughty urge to add this image above.

If this entrepreneurial enthusiasm has got you wondering which bit of your house would be perfect to start-up your new home business in, have a look here for more inspiration!