Virtual Assistant

Remote or Home Worker, United Kingdom.

Contact Che for:
  • Administration
  • Planning arranging and booking travel itinerary
  • project management
  • Virtual Assistant and Business Support services

Category: Admin

About Che

After a year and half being out of the permanent job market to have my son, I'm hoping to return to my passion of being embedded in a team and working on projects. Whilst taking time off to raise my son, I was located in Brazil with the lead up to the Rio games in doing some part time and freelance admin work for numerous people. Very sadly, my days of being on site and in the thick of projects are not over, but are limited to my new found role of being a mother. I would truly love to take up a role that is remotely based allowing me some flexibility in return for giving my heart and soul into a job that is progressive and varied. In terms of direct PA experience, I have been fully committed in the past to being not only a right hand "man" but also taken it on myself to push both the individuals and the company in new directions for improvements. From the very small tasks through to advancing the business objectives forward, I have always applied myself 100% and take personal pride in all my work.