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I help people who are brilliant at running their own business get the online presence they need without being ripped off. My background is in Software Engineering and Technical Project Management so for me, the techy stuff is really easy. My first website client told me that he was feeling ripped off by the designers of his site and also by the SEO people, trouble was - because he didn't know much about IT, he didn't know exactly HOW it was all happening. That's why I walk you through what you need and tell you exactly where your money is going and when you take SEO services, they're there to serve YOU! I have an amazing business coach (Ali Brown) and my profile photo shows us together earlier this year in LA!

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Website Audit - Why No Sales?
Have you got a business website but for some reason your customers don't st...
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SEO Plugin Installation for WP
Professional installation, configuration and activation of the web's BEST S...
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WordPress & Theme Install
I will professionally install WordPress & your theme with T-I-G-H-T security...