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CMP Stonemason Supplies and Tools, master in stone-cutting and masonry tools since 1991 in Hallam, Melbourne, Victoria. For almost 30 years CMP Stone has worked with skilled stonemasons, artists, rebuilding experts, and other stone lovers to fabricate elite stone working tools. CMP Stone offers a wide scope of transport and dealing with tools and arrangements. Our choice depends on great quality aligned with reliably solid flexibly from the producer. CMP has composed assortments of tools explicit to customary stone working disciplines. Each toolset has been deliberately amassed to give an establishment of flexible tools that will make a prologue to stone working a compensating new undertaking. As ability levels, insight, and undertaking impacts develop, our toolsets can be effortlessly enhanced with more specific tools.

At CMP Stonemason Supplies and Tools, we are committed to furnishing our clients with unrivaled quality items at modest costs. As a jewel and marble cleaning hardware shop, we have a huge swath of items with extraordinary costs. CMP Stonemason Supplies and Tools is a merchant of tools and consumables to stupendous bricklayers, worktop producers, quarries, artists and private people working with stone. In addition to the fact that we supply to Monumental Masons, Sculptors and Masons however more as of late we have been providing pro items to organizations whose agreements include the upkeep or potentially renovation of stone in an assortment of spots from little territories, for example, kitchen worktops and restroom vanity units to enormous agreements, for example, gathering floors or even general stores and everything in the middle.

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CMP Stonemason Supplies & Tools
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