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About Mhairi

I help free-range thinkers know and be themselves, so they can have all they want from life.

I'll help you get-out from being buried under years of other people's expectations, to find out who you are and what you truly want. This allows you to be, do and have all that you would like in life.

You are looking for high-quality support, new ideas, and to ensuer you take action and stick with it if things get challenging. I'll be your champion and provide support every step of the way.

We will coach especially well together if you're a free-range thinker who is authentically you. You're ready to do new things that might make you feel a bit nervy or uncomfortable. You're happy to look at your behaviour, thoughts, actions and feelings – and to make changes when those are holding you back.  And most importantly, you're ready to step into your new life.

Let's have a no-pressure conversation, so you can try before you buy.

From one-to-one coaching clients

Aida Baida Gil, Spain

“Mhairi is a master at helping you realize what is exactly what you need to move forward. She´s been always able to turn my confusion into clarity, and I always end the conversation motivated and knowing exactly what to do next.”

Anna Day, UK
“Mhairi’s coaching provided guidance around juggling an extremely busy and immense workload of taking on a promotion, starting a Masters, and raising my two-year-old! The coaching enabled me to prioritise what was most important to me, and to juggle extremely demanding work. It was great to have expert coaching during this transition.”

Nicholas Burman, Canada & UK

“Since coaching with Mhairi I have managed to reach goals, sort-out my pricing structure & even gained a couple of new clients. Mhairi’s empowering & effective approach encouraged me to develop ideas rather than instructing me what to do. I can see how this – which is more of a ‘teaching someone how to fish’ idea – will have longer lasting effects for me.”

Laura Ferguson, UK

“We worked on a range of subjects and I achieved both thinking space and practical actions, helping me to balance my work with the rest of my life. I would definitely work with Mhairi again and recommend her as a coach to anyone.”

Peter Shillito, UK

“When I signed up, I was unsure whether it would be useful, but I  needed to increase my listeners, and I was ready to try anything. It turned out that I didn’t need anyone else except Mhairi. She helped me work-out what would get more listeners. I usually struggle in thinking-up goals, but this time was different. I recommend Mhairi to anyone who’s unsure of the direction they need to take.”

Simon J Newbury, UK

“I never really knew what to expect from coaching, but felt at ease with Mhairi. Each session built on the previous one, and I found myself reviewing my business in a way which helped me to understand how I could improve it. Coaching with Mhairi has been of great use to me and my business, and I recommend her services.”

The sea, the beach, fish & marine conservation inspire and motivate virtually everything I do, and the sea is in all aspects of my life:
    •    from the coaching I offer (helping you gain perspective & insight by using analogies from the sea & sea-life);
    •    through my spare time (I scuba dive & volunteer);
    •    and into my home (I’m sewing, crafting & up-cycling to give my home Beach Hut style).

• I practise tithing, i.e., giving 10% of my pre-tax income: by donating to marine conservation charities & non-profits; and by doing selected pro-bono coaching.
• Any feedback you give will be listened to and acted on. You will receive a guarantee on your coaching.
• My business & personal carbon footprint is kept low.

Scuba diving and crafting are two of my favourite activities. I also love having sessions with my own Coach, doing WiiFit Zumba, feeding my eBay addiction and reading Coast magazine.

Be the change you want to see – Gandhi. Although I must admit, I like "be the change you want to sea" even more!

• Life Coaching Diploma
• Personal Coaching Certificate
• NLP Diploma
• Mentoring Certificate
• Reiki Level 1

    •    International Association of Professional Coaches
    •    The Institute of Entrepreneurs & Enterprise