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About Concept

The idea of Concept Industries started in April of 2017. With minimal bin companies in the market, making a quality bin for a fair price came at a high demand. Service and relationships are the core of how business is done in our industry. We are comprised of many experienced individuals who have a combined tenure in the bin manufacturing industry of 50+ years. At our place, we continually strive to offer high-quality products at a fair market value price. We want to offer the best economical commercial storage bins for farmers who cater to the need for storage and we gave them the solution with our bin that is durable, stable, sharped-edge, rust-free, and dependable.
Concept Industries is the finest agriculture pop-up hopper bin manufacture in Manitoba. Our expert worker makes high-quality seed bins manufacturer for the farmers at an economical price. We make a variety of storage bins along with durability and flexibility. Our advanced technology and methods of making bins more durable and long-lasting use. Our Airpro system pushes air directly into the hopper employing a 360 duct inside the hopper and we also provide a smooth finish to the bins.  Do contact us for details, to know about our other variants or visit our site.
Ph.: 2043256960