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Concise Training offers a number of services: Social Media and Digital Marketing E-Learning Courses Offer affordable, detailed, interactive E-Learning courses to allow you to learn how to use social media and digital marketing channels for your business effectively in your own time at your own pace. The courses are comprehensive and explain all aspects of how to use the tool as well as why you should be using the tool. Courses contain real life examples of how real businesses are benefiting from the tool. Public Workshops in Faringdon, Oxfordshire Practical, small group, face to face public workshops are held in a variety of Social Media channels throughout the year. Bespoke Training Training courses aimed at your business and your needs to ensure you and your employees make the best use of all aspects of social media and digital marketing.

Social Media Marketing Training
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Social Media Marketing
Consultancy to create your social media strategy. Training is offered via Skype
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Social Media Made Simple
In ‘Social Media made Simple’ you will find out how to make sure that you are us...
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Twitter for Business
Twitter is one of the largest social networks in the world. If you are seeking...
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Social Media qualification - C...
Become a qualified professional with an ITQ (Information Technology Qualificatio...