Graphic & Web designer with over 16yrs experience

Freelancer, United Kingdom.

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About Deon

Having had over sixteen years of working in the industry and reaching Senior Designer level at my last agency, the natural step for me was to take the plunge and establish my own company.

Previously, I had to juggle large corporate clients through the company with a number of smaller start up projects in my spare time. It was no surprise then that deondesign was established in 2011 and I haven’t looked back!

As a result of running my own design business I am now able to operate with a greater creative freedom for the benefit of my own clients and more interestingly, work with individuals and organisations of all sizes and professional needs.

My wealth of professional contacts in the industry and the respect with which I am held, allow me to take on much larger projects without impacting on any existing work and without me losing important contact with each client. Having a wider spectrum of projects wholly managed by myself, not only contributes to my own professional expertise and creativity it also offers a chance to build closer relationships with each of my clients and provide a more personal touch.

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits, in the clients eyes, is I can do it all without having to price at an agency level in order to cover uneccessary overheads. That has to be a good thing in my book.

I specialise in the fields of print design, web design, logo design and branding. - See more at:


  • Flyers
  • Florist web site
  • level lift company branding and stationery




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