Four ways to start building links

1.    Link exchanges – you ask other sites to exchange links with you. This means you will have to set up a page on your site with links such as this one: It is not the best way, but easy enough to do quickly.

2.    Articles and blogs – join and you will find lots of bloggers and websites looking to exchange links. They also actively look for article writers. If you cannot write articles or blogs or don’t have time, you can find copywriters on and

3.    PR – this is excellent Google Juice and requires you to send out regular press releases about your business. My book shows you how to do this and will give you lots of info. If you cannot write a release or don’t have time, you can find freelancer PR people on iHubbub if you need someone to do this for you. I suggest selecting some excellent case studies and getting some local PR stories into the papers. This will be a big boost in ranking.

4.    Competitions - this is another softer approach for getting a link. If you have some ideas for competitions you can approach bloggers or partner sites asking if they want to run a competition to their members or mailing list. Make sure you choose high traffic sites or even maybe the local newspaper as that will give a good quality link as well as a bit of PR.