Local Search Optimisation

Tips For Local Search Engine Optimization On Pinterest For Local Businesses

I saw this article on Search Engine Land for anyone who needs to be optimised locally and in particular if you are looking at optimising images on Pinterest ...

  • When setting up your profile, obviously you should not select the option to hide your profile from search engines, and you should use good “About” description text with keywords about your business. Also, set the location with your city name (such as “Dallas, TX”), add the URL to your company’s website and connect with your Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  • If your website already has fair local rankings, consider using one of your best review pages from a prominent business directory site as your Pinterest profile’s website instead of your company website — doing so could help that positive review page to rank for your name searches.
  • Set up Boards using your city name, to collect pics about your area (such as Dallas), and name a Board after your business type, products or services.
  • Follow other Pinterest users in your area and Boards related to your areas of interest.
  • Try to ”Pin” only good-quality, attractive pictures to your Pinterest Boards. Pinterest is highly visually-oriented, and to get any other users to show interest to your pictures they should be of good visual quality.
  • When posting a picture to your locally-named board, describe it with good keyword text.
  • Don’t “sing” with only one note — post pictures of other local sights to your board in addition to ones specific to your business. Showing an interest in your overall area will attract local consumers. Photos of local landmarks are particularly good for this. (For example, see this pic of one of the better-known Dallas Landmarks: http://pinterest.com/pin/257690409898241547/ )
  • Vote on other good-quality local Pinterest users’ photos by clicking their “♥ Like” buttons.
  • Have a good infographic designed which relates to your industry in some way, and use Pinterest to help distribute it.
  • If you already optimize via Flickr, you can use those Flickr URLs to post your images on Pinterest — this could help further optimize the Flickr pages to rank well in searches.
  • Cross-promote your Pins on Facebook and Twitter.

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