Foating support/Lifestyle co ordinator

Remote or Home Worker, United Kingdom.

Contact Kay for:
  • Adult health and social care
  • Communications
  • Enterprenial
  • Feild work/ Consultancey

About Kay

Current employment: OAKLEA TRUST - ‘Life Style Co-ordinator/Floating support’ March 2012 -present
On the receipt of referrals (confidential information) from the ‘Central Access Point’, I initiate communication and contact as well as assessing the needs of the customer (referral) by addressing current urgent issues first. I liaise and daily correspond with various professional agencies and community organisations in order to get individuals housed appropriately, receive funding from authorities or relevant organisations, assist with dyer financial issues, set up relevant meetings and appointments, Set Goal/Aim Plans, encourage access to community support as well as giving assertive positive guidance on basic life and living skills.
Keeping updated live documents and thorough support information is also a mandatory aspect of my current role, which I keep to efficiently.

Previous Employment 2008-2012

Support work within service user’s homes. I have provided support to adults within the community in various areas of need, such as mental health issues, autism, and physical disability. Assisting with daily chores, shopping, appointments, engagements were just some of my regular daily duties. I also encouraged the use of care plans and effective social interaction. My main motivation was to promote confidence and positivity by listening and communicating with care and sensitivity while maintaining a professional relationship.

Acting Up Drama School owner/self employed 2007-2010,
I compiled all forms, policies and information, created and distributed all advertising, prepared structured lesson plans, employed staff, managed fund raising events, handled all monies, kept up to date records and liaised/ communicated with parents effectively and efficiently, as well as teaching all the material to children between the ages of 5 years-18 years.

Drama Teacher 2009-20010
I taught after school drama classes for a local school providing, fun active participation, a forum for expression and social interaction, as well as active discussion and communication.


The areas that I have involvement and gained skills in are:
• Communicating and resolving issues of importance
• Adhering to health and safety issues within the work place
• Dealing calmly in adverse situations
• Voluntarily providing drama sessions in local schools and at a day centre for adult service users,
• Organising and planning events and parties outside of my own family circle,
• Talking in front of large groups of people with confidence, boldly and an uninhibited in addressing pertinent issues.
• Computer templates, logos, signs, certificates, letters and formal correspondence.
• Capable internet user
• Have been involved/worked with many people within organisations from the community services
• Creating events and fundraising.
• Have many contacts through liaising with professional and community agencies


A Family:- Having a family was always important to me. It is a massive achievement. They teach and inspire me to make good changes and try to always be a better person.

Acting Up This gave me the opportunity to provide fun, active drama classes, aimed at building confidence and empowerment, as many drama groups gear toward lavish performances. Acting Up ethos was that, Performances were designed mainly as a cathartic closure/ an end to a process.

LAMDA examinations
I have taught various levels of ‘London Academy of Music and Dramatics Arts’, exam classes with fantastic results.

Voluntary:- I completed eighteen months sabbatical on a religious mission. I was self supportive. My goal was to be inspiring and leave an impression on people that would help them to find peace in their lives, by making personal good choices/ decisions. This was a pivotal point in my life as I learnt so much more about myself and people than I ever imagined I would. I learnt how to communicate effectively, how to genuinely appreciate and care for people irrespective of backgrounds or abilities or age. Just as importantly this experience continues to inspire me to try to make a difference.

I have been involved in charity and voluntary work and fundraising for some organisations….(‘helping hands’, ‘kids count’)

Interests and Talents

There are many things I enjoy, namely: - Time with my family, Keeping fit, being healthy and enjoying life, singing, organising events and social activities, going out for good meals with close friends, going to the movies. Being Creative is very therapeutic for me so I spend time making my own jewellery, beads and modelling clay. I love the outdoors, going on outings and day trips with my family is bonding and exhilarating.
I have particular interest in ‘Life coaching’ Skills and thrive with the impact and excitement that positive change has induced in my life experiences.