Christian Resource Exhibition

Christian Resource Exhibition

A meeting of Christian leaders, to display, discuss, and learn. Open to all.


Here we go then! There's nothing quite like the Christian Resource Exhibition team for making a great event.

This is no church sale, it's an extravaganza of friendship, laughter, lessons, inspirations, colours and sounds!

It really is something to see and experience. For example; "Clergy on the Catwalk!" Did you ever see a church fashion show? You'd be mightily surprised at how good it is. The BBC certainly thought so, as did many leading publications, when last it was performed.

As you can tell, CRE, (Peterborough, Exeter, Manchester, Sandown Park), is my favourite gig. It's hard work, and no picnic for a photographer, but when the day(s) end, you know it's been a fabulous event.

Will I see you there?


Type : Exhibition
Date and Time : Wednesday, 25 January, 2012 - 09:00
Location : Exeter