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About Fiona

Everything I and my trusted partners do is designed to help businesses grow. Our focus is on four areas: Managing change, Employee investment and development, Developing leadership skills and Enabling and supporting growth. How I do it and what I do depends on the needs of the organisations and professionals I work with.

I founded Excel:arate to help businesses and professionals save time and maximise their performance and efficiency.

My expertise has been gained from 25 years in senior positions in business development and communications in disciplines including broadcasting, PR, marketing, events, corporate communications, consultation, and internal communications and employee engagement.

My background brings a wealth of experience gained in the business, charity and public sectors. I have a diploma in performance coaching awarded by the Coaching Academy. I am also a registered and approved GrowthAccelerator business growth coach.

Passionate about employee engagement, often overlooked by organisations, but fundamental to business success, I have worked with organisations to improve management/staff relationships through better engagement - resulting in more commitment and, productivity from staff.

I am told I'm an engaging coach and trainer. I've coached business and private clients to achieve more and bridge skills gaps in their careers and businesses. I've worked with middle and senior managers as well as business owners looking to become more productive, focussed and successful. I am an entertaining public speaker and love sharing my knowledge with business owners and senior managers to help them become more effective leaders and run more successful businesses.

My client led, pragmatic and goal centred approach is designed to achieve improvements in performance. Additionally, clients benefit from increased confidence, more focus and a more structured, customer centric approach. I provide a balanced external perspective and hold my clients to account so that they implement changes and make sustained improvement

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