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About Doug

With over 20 years full-time experience in Professional Groundwater Surveying, Hydrogeological Consulting and Troubleshooting work, I have successfully located over 2,500 water supply boreholes for private clients, communities, all types of farms, businesses and industries in the UK and abroad; with a well established reputation for achieving exceptionally high first strike drilling success rates above 85% in all regions, with exceptionally high water yields, and an overall project success rate of 97%.

These statistics include a large proportion of troubleshooting work for clients and drilling contractors working in difficult locations where dry or low-yield boreholes had been drilled and in many cases multiple drilling attempts had failed to find enough water. This makes my overall success rate all the more remarkable; the measure of success being not only finding worthwhile water but developing enough water to fully meet your water supply needs (clients' particular needs).

If you are desperate to find water and haven't the time to read further then you've found your man. Give me a call, tell me what you need, and I'm certain I will be able to help you.

For visitors with a little more time and inclination to read more, I hope the following paragraphs will provide further interest and satisfaction, and perhaps some enlightenment.

A British - South African exploration geologist, I studied at the University of Cape Town in the early 80's, and worked in mineral exploration in South Africa and Namibia. I moved with my family to Scotland in 1991. While working in Estate Maintenance and Development I read a great book, 'The Divining Hand' by Christopher Bird; about divining for water, minerals, and oil, and having the inclination and opportunity to try it out, I discovered my talent for the esoteric art and developed my own geologically informed but 'unconventional' divining abilities. Working after-hours and at weekends I studied the subjects of field water divining or water witching as it is called in America, 'doodlebugging' for oil, and the history of divining for minerals, as well as the extraordinary art of map-dowsing; an entirely remote-sensory means of detecting underground features and resources and other objects entirely on maps.
I practiced extensively on sites where I could get easy physical corroboration, first on utilities then on geological structures and groundwater resources, and to my initial incredulity and further amazement I found the methods to be highly effective and accurate.

In developing my own geologically-informed specialised Geodivining techniques, I discarded all the ancient folklore and extraneous shibboleths attached to the beliefs of various authors on the subject, and focussed my attention solely on methods and techniques that made sense to me as an exploration geologist and geophysicist, realising and utilising the power of body and mind as a bio-sensory geophysical instrument...

I discovered that a great deal of specific information could be obtained through carefully controlled conscious goal setting, or 'calibration of the sensory instrument' in Geophysical jargon, at every stage of map or site exploration while using the 'seeking' methods described in historic and modern texts.
I found that setting a clearly-defined unambiguous goal or target is essential to receiving a clear positive sensory response identifying the exact location of that target.

In order to find something swiftly and surely, you have to first define what exactly it is you are looking for, then set about seeking for it in logical ways that will help you to home in quickly and then locate it. In this way the process of remote-sensory recognition works at its best.

Whether it be misplaced keys, a lost item of jewellery, a missing person, a sunken ship, archaeological remains, a buried utility pipe or cable, an underground tank, tunnel or void, a metallic ore body or an oil reservoir, deep in the Earth, a specific geological feature or structure, or indeed an abundant source of groundwater; all can be differentiated and accurately located, and to some extent evaluated, by Consciously Guided Remote-sensory Intuitive Divining.

This is entirely true of our other physical senses as well, some of which, both sight and hearing particularly, are also remote-sensory, detecting incident light waves in the visible spectrum and incident sound waves in the audible spectrum.

All our senses work all the time at a sub-conscious animalistic level, giving us a constant broad awareness of our physical surroundings and our active or passive bodily place in those surroundings at every passing moment. Any sudden change in those surrounding or in our body's condition brings our senses into more acute awareness and may trigger instinctive physical reactions to keep ourselves safe and comfortable.

As advanced sentient beings we are also able, at will, to consciously focus all our senses acutely and with intent to perceive, differentiate, interpret and interact with our environment much more purposefully.
We can recognise conditions, people, objects, sounds, odours, tastes and textures from memory and experience, and when in some level of need or desire we can usually find what we need by seeking for a specific 'target' definable by known recognisable criteria.

In Buddhist Philosophy the Mind is the master sensory organ, for the Mind is the life force that controls all the senses. Through the mind we can enhance or heighten our sensory awareness and we can visualise ourselves and our Earth environment in multidimensional ways that may not be discernible with our normal senses.
As both a geologist and artist, I found I was able to visualise well and could grasp the techniques for accurate divining of identifiable objects features and resources concealed beneath the land surface.

I set up Geodivining International in 1994...
Besides extensive conventional experience in mineral exploration and structural geology, I had a solid background in hydrogeology and geophysics as well. Dry and low-yielding boreholes are common in Scotland, but I Quickly established an excellent professional reputation for extraordinarily high success rates and exceptionally high yields, and for troubleshooting difficult locations where other multiple drilling attempts had failed to find enough water. I Never looked back!

Now with over 20 years full-time professional experience in groundwater location and development using proprietary Geodivining Survey methods to detect and accurately intersect major water-bearing structures in all types of bedrock throughout Scotland and the British Isles, as well as parts of Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and the Americas; I have positioned over 2,500 successful boreholes, achieving high regional, national and global first-strike drilling success rates - all consistently above 85%.
Geodivining International has an Overall Development Success Rate of 97% including a high proportion of troubleshooting jobs - I have also been remarkably successful on occasional mineral exploration and oil exploration commissions.
A leading proponent of Water Divining and the Dowsing art, I am considered a controversial figure in geological circles and water well drillers stand on both sides of the fence. On one side are those who want the best most economical results for their clients, and on the other are those who prefer to just chalk up the drilling miles.

Geodivining International / GGSL specialises in accurate mapping of deep water-bearing faults and fractures and has an enviable track record of successfully developing relatively high and seasonally sustainable fresh water supplies in all regions, often achieving exceptional yields (typically 2 to 5 times, and sometimes exceeding 10 times local average yields) often for less drilling than other lower yielding boreholes in the same formation.

A Geodivining Survey will examine the geology in as much detail as possible, and also accurately map concealed local groundwater flows in faulted and fractured zones in the bedrock. Using remote-sensory techniques we will look carefully and in detail at concealed underlying structures in the bedrock strata, to see where enhanced infiltration and deep groundwater flow might be occurring and to enable direct intersection of the most promising structure by drilling at an exact location chosen for optimum yield and sustainability.
Exact locations and accurate vertical drilling are important as we have proved on a significant number of sites where near misses were recorded, or where we achieved high yields within a few metres of other relatively low-yielding boreholes.

A Geodivining Survey provides a complete conventional geological assessment and site survey service, with the valuable additional benefit of our unique professional water divining services to discern concealed water sources in drift deposits and also in deep fracture zones in the bedrock.

This covers (1) the geological 'desk study' research, (2) detailed remote-sensory structural mapping, (3) a complete site geological assessment, and (4) a detailed water divining site survey with at least two or three exact drilling locations marked and assessed with depth and yield forecasts, and (5) a comprehensive Geodivining Survey Report and technical drilling specifications - (see for examples).
If you need water, you can't do better than to consult us first.


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