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Recycling Laws You Must Know

Many local and state governments have recycling mandates that you must follow. Part of running a scrap metal recycling business involves familiarizing yourself with recycling and waste management regulations in your area. Pollution prevention means minimizing or eliminating waste. This can be attained by implementing the best conservation techniques, improving production processes, avoiding toxic substances, and recycling materials.

As per the Pollution Prevention Act, source reduction equals pollution prevention. It means you should reduce the number of contaminants, hazardous substances, and pollutants that are released into the environment before disposal or recycling. These practices can reduce health hazards by minimizing the release of pollutants. If pollution isn't preventable by any means, you can recycle the pollutants. For example, each year, a facility operator or business owner should indicate the percentage and volume of recyclable material and how these numbers differ from the previous year. Business owners must describe the training policy improvement concerning each recyclable material.

The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act is another important law governing the recycling of materials. It includes strict regulations that ensure safe, solid waste management that promotes the reuse of materials. When recycling, you should classify the materials under RCRA.

Greenway Metal Recycling recycles scrap metals following the local and state governments' recycling mandates. If you want to sell scrap metal, you can count on us. We also buy Chicago nonferrous metal scrap.

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