Disabled homeworkers Unite!

A group for fellow disabled homeworkers to vent feelings and share their world

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Suzanne Daykin 5 Nov 2012 - 14:53

Join in the fun and win £2000 in prizes by adding your home business to our map, it really is that easy!

The winners will be the owners of the home business pins on our map with the most votes. The easiest way to get lots of votes is to share the link to your pin with your friends and customers on Facebook, Twitter, your blog and via email.

Plus you can use our Vote For Us badge to really get their attention.

1st prize is an Italian holiday and there are lots of very cool home business gadgets to be won, well worth getting lots of votes!

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Debra Wattes 8 Apr 2012 - 03:39

The ever so important overview:
I did suffer from Fibro, but managed to have it cured "yes I said cured". I had it treated nearly 5 years ago and havent had a flare up (of fibro anyway) since.

I've read books and articles on Fibro, but essentially due to me not ready to throw in the towel I did some of my own research. I researched my own body issues and worked backwards. I should really write a book on it, but dont know that I can truely be bothered.