Guidelines To Post An Expert Profile

These guidelines listed below will help you to post an expert profile to gain media attention to showcase your expertise as an expert. We actively promote our list of industry experts to the media so get in on the act now and get listed as a home working expert.

Have a good look at how other experts upload their profiles on in our Experts section and then create one for your industry expertise.

When you register as an expert, and post your expertise on iHubbub, your expertise will be optimised, added to 'new experts' and 'featured experts' and can be searched by visitors to the site, members of iHubbub and the media. After you register you will see an 'Expert' tab in your dashboard to add your expert profile.

Add your industry expetise to iHubbub's online social network

Post A iHubbub Expert Profile

1. Supply a current, professional head and shoulders image.

2. Your 'Expert Description' should be short, snappy and capture the essence of what you do and why you are an expert in your field.

3. Please include spaces or commas between words and use commas rather than slashes such as a "/".

4.  Avoid including website addresses in your expertise description as they increase your character count without you being aware of it. We have provided a space for your website and other social media links.

5. We have also made allowance for you to describe any personal or professional projects you're involved with - or would like to be involved with - that could be of interest to TV & the Media. So do make use of this extra place to shout about why you are an industry expert.

6. Use vivid and emotive writing with active verbs. In other words, paint the picture. Researchers, editors and producers who are looking for expert comments or any expertise information need to understand what you do and why you are the expert they are looking to engage with their publication's audience.

7. Feel free to use examples and show them your media coverage in the space provided.

8. Your iHubbub Expert Profile is designed to promote your expertise and motivate TV and Media companies to invite you to give your expert comments on subjects they are featuring. Keep your profile up to date and come back at on a regular basis to add new details that may inspire them to get in touch with you.

9. Keywords rule our lives to make them rule yours by adding all your skills and experience. And don't just add your skills or expertise areas, add them with the word 'expert' or 'expertise' before and after you specialist field of interest. This will help your profile get up the 'expert ladder'. Add the best keywords to describe your skills in 25 words.

10. If the media contacts you, return their call or email as soon as possible as they work to very tight deadlines. Not responding reflects badly on you.

11. Sometimes they may take ages before coming back to you. The most important factor is to create an impression with an updated and finely tuned profile to show your expertise as an industry expert.

12. We love success stories. If you get contacted to appear on TV, be on the radio or appear in print, please let us know so we can promote you even further.

Expert's Listing Best Practise

When you register as an expert, and post your expertise on iHubbub, your expertise will be optimised, added to new experts and featured experts and can be searched by visitors to the site, members of iHubbub and the media.Add your industry expetise to iHubbub's online social network

Shouldn't you be showcased as an expert?

Read on to find out how to get the best results from our Experts section.


Expert Page Title
1. Add a catchy title that is keyword rich.

Page Title Top Tips:

* The web page title will be based on this name and therefore optimised for search engines to find your page. 
Ensure your page title is up to 25 Characters.
* We have Page Title SEO in place to further optimise your expert's page to the SEO best practise standard.

Expert's Description

2. Sell yourself to visitors, clients and the media in 150 characters to ensure your page is fully optimised by search engines.

Your description is used in our On Page Optimisation to describe your industry expertise or leading opinions so optimise this as you would optimise your website. See iHubbub's Founder Paula Wynne's SEO Workshops if you need help on optimisation.

The really important meta tag is the meta description. The meta description should be a brief sentence to summarize the page, in other words - your expert experience in a snappy, catchy nutshell.

Add your industry expetise to iHubbub's online social network

When a search engine lists your expert's page in the search engine results pages, it will use the page title and your meta description for the text snippet. Therefore the meta description should be written with human visitors in mind.

Add your industry expetise to iHubbub's online social network

You want a text snippet that is going to make them want to click on the link. Adding the relevant and specific keywords about your expertise will help them (and Google) to see why they want to read your results link.

Description SEO Top Tips:

* Your meta description should be between 10 and 25 words.
* We automatically use the first 25 words [which could be around 255 characters] of your description to optimise your directory listing.
Increase the number of keywords to ensure a keyword rich quick and snappy description 1st sentence.

Areas of Expertise Body Text

3. Here’s your chance to show why you are expertise in the above categories and give further details about your experience and industry knowledge or opinions.

Place further details about your industry expertise here. Use this space wisely and ensure you have used your industry keywords while giving a detailed explanation of why you should be contacted as an expert in this field.

Industry Expert Keywords

4. Meta keyword tags are not meant to be used for keyword stuffing. Don't do that, instead use them to creatively add relevant and specific keywords

 * Also ensure you use your product or service's primary keywords.
Your meta keywords should be between 5 and 25 words.

* Your meta keywords should ideally include a keyword phrases or long-tail keywords, which is a few words strung together to form a 'long-tail' keyword.
The keyword phrases that you use in your description and body text should occur in your keywords field at least 1 to 2 times.

So, to gain media attention and increased traffic with our optimised experts page, why not add yourself or your company as an Expert? Once you sign up for your membership, you will see a link to post your expert profile in your account.



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