Creative Director for Video Production Company

Freelancer, United Kingdom.

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About helen

My name is Helen and I am the Creative Director of video production company Orchid Digital Ltd. I have been working in the media industry, including live television and web channel production for 10 years. My company produces video for small and medium sized companies based anywhere in the UK and Europe. We have produced content for the likes of EMI Records, Daily Mail online, Sky and Boots TV.

We have a range of video packages that can suit very small business owners to ones that require something more complex. I have a team of talented people that I work with on projects and we film both in studio and location, so there's plenty of flexibility!

Areas we work in include; press events, entertainment, business development, fashion, health & beauty, astrology and music.

Every project is led by myself so you only have to deal with one person and I like to meet my clients in person before the shoot, or we can chat over Skype.

If you're looking for something a little extra to make your video more effective for your business we have teamed up with our social media partners with a combined deal.

Orchid Digital Ltd can also provide frequent content updates to your website if you need help and don't have the time.

Just give me a call now and we can discuss your requirements - 07906 824759.


  • Setting up for business profile shoot
  • Filming for Direct First Aid






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