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About High5

Dedicated to bringing our viewers amazing weekend Projects, fun experiments, Indian Festival Videos, bushcraft techniques, DIY, and Lifehacks twisted with Indian Jugaad ideas. Also, our Travel section is full of rarely explored places. We may not be the best travel channel on YouTube but surely we are the unique ones here.
India is a country of Diversity and High5India is an honest attempt to show you all the colors of this great Nation. People of India are extremely geniuses and often invent out-of-the-box solutions to their daily problems, here they fondly call it Indian Jugaad Ideas. Get ready to witness them on High5India as we cover the best ones practiced across the country.
Being 50,000 years old Civilization India celebrates multiple festivals, you can explore the deeper wisdom & original history through our videos. We initiate to bring you some classic, ancient, and few researched Do it yourself - DIY videos that you haven't seen on YouTube before. We strongly believe India as a Nation is the nectar of human civilization and High5India is a digital manifestation of this Nectar. So, let us distribute the nectar to you all Humans & aliens ;)

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