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About My Business

As a freelance florist without retail premises the best success criteria is to look at the bookings we have. For weddings we can and do book up the most popular dates a year or more in advance. Having to take on an extra full time florist, two part time assistants, a social media and admin manager and PR coordinator also demonstrates how far the business has come from me starting out alone in 2012. We are also proud that we have high profile corporate clients that return year after year.
Technology is central to our success, particularly social media. It's a crucial way of communicating with our customers, so our accounts and blog are updated with new content regularly and act as a showcase that's available 24/7.


About Me

I find that my huge passion for floristry and creativity combined with a lot of determination and an energetic approach helps make me a successful freelancer. Being out going, having obsessive attention to detail and focusing on excellent customer service are also essential, because as a freelancer you are your business. I'm also constantly on the look out for inspiration, whether it's from fashion, films, music, art, history or the wedding industry itself, which helps me to stay one step ahead and constantly create new and innovative designs, which is a large part of my appeal to my clients and helps secure me press coverage. The creative freedom that comes with being my own boss was one of the reasons I wanted to start freelancing.


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