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Over 20+ years experience working in Western Europe and across the USA. Projects covered Defence, Medical, Pharma, Biotech, Transport (Planes, Trains and Tubes), Oil&Gas Up and Down stream operations, Utilities, Manufacturing, Mining, IoT and Financial Services. Longest Military project through Plessey/Royal Signals on exercise support role moving every 4 hours for 6 weeks and in these windows fixing the mobile computer and communications systems and helping the military personnel with related problems (for example, turning over a 30 or 50 KV Generator with the techie. Longest Financial Services project through Capita Insurance & Investor Services documented the build and DR Plans for the Share Registration, Fund Management and IFA...


About Me

From 12 delivered papers at weekends and Fruit and Veg after School. Used earnings to buy my first tent, sleeping bag and rucksack. Had an interest in Radio and bought and built Crystal Radio Kits, in the second year at High School borrowed the Mullard Transistor Red Book from the Science Teacher and built each of the circuits and discovered how they worked by changing component values. Before leaving at 15, applied and worked through 2 1/2 days of testing for a 5 year Electronic Craft Apprenticeship with Ferranti Ltd. Became one of ten people to be offered an apprenticeship out of the 600+ applicants and some of them had degrees. Built, tested and installed Radar and Auto-pilot Systems in Fighter Jets and completed Test Flights.


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