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About My Business

designthoughts has provided a range of graphic design and illustration services to clients since 2009. Working on a range of projects with a variety of businesses, designthoughts have gone from strength to strength over the years and built up a reliable reputation with its customer base.

As well as working with their own clients, designthoughts also freelances in house in design studios to help out during busy periods and in doing so has built up a good relationship with local businesses too.

During the day designthoughts put on many hats to run their business from organising client meetings and answering phone calls, to providing quick response to new design projects and liaising with printers to help clients out with their...


About Me

Hi I'm Liz and without sounding clique I have always known I wanted to design from a young age, I just didn't know I would have started my own business from the age of 24! I love what I do and I find that although I work on my own, because of the many types of clients I work with I never feel alone. I am passionate about design, and find that even when I am not at work I am often collecting thoughts when I am out walking or taking photographs of where I go to document what I do. Over the past few years I feel my confidence has grown and grown because I have had to get my business 'out there' and although times have been tough, it has made me a stronger person. I love what I do and can only see my business designthoughts...


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