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About My Business

The Concise Training Ltd team of 4 staff members (including the director and sole shareholder) are all home based spread between Newcastle, Manchester, Swindon and Faringdon. During the last 12 months, 1 new member of staff has joined and turnover has increased by 30%.

Concise Training's fantastic team communicate using email and Skype, team meetings are minuted using TitanPad and all members have access to the Nimble CRM system as well as the Dropbox file sharing system.

Concise Training's home based business model enables staff to work flexibly and keeps overheads low, but ensures all employees are working towards a common goal of providing quality learning and support to all learners all over the world.


About Me

I love seeing (either face to face or through evidence) the 'light bulb' go off in a learner's head when they just get how to use digital marketing in their business. To see a learner complete our qualifications or learning and move on to a fantastic job in the digital marketing industry is brilliant. I have a fantastic team who understand the value that we can bring to our learners - through our support, showing best practice through our use of digital marketing as well as ensuring our e-learning courses are regularly updated to a high standard every 6 months to reflect the latest changes. Winning the award will allow me to thank my team and also make more people aware of our social media and digital marketing qualifications.


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