4.2 Million Brits Now Work From Home

The Government released figures last month showing that out of a UK workforce of a little over 30 million people, 4.2 million of those were working from home.

With recent changes to government legislation meaning that from the 30th June this year anybody who has been employed for 26 weeks or more has the right to ask their boss for flexible working.

While thousands need to fit working hours around other responsibilities or working from home, we at iHubbub are fully expecting this beautiful weather to open the floodgates for a whole host of new home workers! Read about how some people need to work from home for various reasons ...

Get Off The Commute

And take the working from home sign!

Well, come on – would you rather be sitting in a sterile air-conditioned office (listening to people with summer colds coughing and spluttering, yuk) or on your own patio (listening to birdsong and the happy hum of a distant lawn mower)? 4.2 million Brits now work from home

A new survey by an online freelance site tells us that those of us who have already set up a home office are doing just that.

Nearly a third has been taking advantage of the recent sun-soaked days by working in the garden – mmm, freshly cut grass under your bare toes…heavenly!

If you’re eyeing your garden bench and thinking ‘my WiFi will never reach down there’ then take a look at this helpful little gadget that we found!

Something the survey also mentioned (and that we already knew through experience) is that many of us whose commute is simply from upstairs to downstairs (via the kettle) don’t bother dressing for work most of the time.

Work From Home PJs

Pyjamas become our work clothes (and aren’t slippers so much more comfortable than heels ladies?); unless of course a Skype call is on the schedule, in which case many of us will dress up the top half only!

There are obvious drawbacks of course; the research found that one in five home workers tucked into snacks far more than they did when in the office.

Nonsense I thought, thinking of the pile of fruit that I’d smugly put on my desk that morning. Then I realised I was reading the article about the survey while I was making my way to the biscuit tin for the third time, so maybe they’re right…

Peace For Productive Work

However, aside from being a little more calorie-laden than our office counterparts, the research also found that 75% of home workers said that they were much more productive in the peace and quiet of their house than they were in the office, where the temptation to waste time chatting to colleagues, or sneaking an extra five minutes on to their lunch break is high.

There you have it. We may have to work a little harder at keeping our waistlines in shape, but we work harder and in more sartorial comfort than our friends who have to trudge through the elements to reach their workplace!

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