7 Easy Steps For Pinterest Home Business Success

In case you haven’t come across Pinterest it is a social media site where you can share images you love and find inspiration from what others have added. It is also a good way to tell more people about what you do and have fun interacting with your fans.

Plus it can play a big part in your home business digital marketing strategy.

pinterest tips for home business successI just love Pinterest, firstly it brings new home business owners to iHubbub. Secondly I can happily spend hours drooling over yummy looking recipes, gorgeous craft ideas and lots of pretty stuff… oh yes and interesting home business ideas too.

Like all social media you have to be wise with your time otherwise it just disappears and suddenly before you know it… you are still in your pyjamas at lunchtime!

However, if during your working hours on your home business you can be disciplined to ensure you only do work stuff, then Pinterest is worth doing.

How To Use Pinterest For More Home Business Traffic

  1. You need to start by setting yourself up with an account. Make sure you add your home business url to the about section so visitors can find your site easily.
  2. Then, using the tools available from Pinterest it is worth adding the Pinterest button near to the images on your site so your visitors can easily pin your images to their own boards.
  3. Set up boards on Pinterest in your own account for a variety of subjects related to your home business. We have interesting books, quotes, home offices and we keep adding more boards as iHubbub expands.
  4. Pin your home business images from your website to your board by clicking on the pinterest button you have added to your sites pages. Use the keywords within your descriptions so that your images can be found easily. 
  5. It is worth remembering that if you are adding images of home business products you are selling then add the price to the description too. That will add a banner to your image with the price.
  6. Also pin other images to your boards from other pinterest boards, comment on others images, follow people whose boards you love and who have boards related to your home business.
  7. The idea is to have fun using Pinterest, get to know others within your field, repin their images on to your own boards, comment on their images. Follow people who could be potential new customers and that way they get to know you too.

If you only have a short amount of time to work on your Pinterest account then I find it is worth having a rhythm to what you do.

This is mine: Pin you own image, pin your own image, comment, like, follow, repin, repin and repeat.

So if you ever walk past my home office shed and you see me talking to myself it is just me chanting my pinterest chant! Or I might be dribbling over the latest cake photos I have just found – all in the matter of home business food and drink research of course!

If Pinterest seems a bit much to take in at the moment but you like the idea of sharing your home business images then look at adding them to our iHubbub galleries.

A pinterest button will be added automatically to each image and there are galleries from home business products and freelance services to the more fun home office pets.

Although there may be one more favourite home office pet image in a moment as my beloved cat LC has just started to drink out of my water glass while sitting on my filing! It's really difficult to get good home office staff in the summer :)

I'm looking forward to seeing all of your home business photos.