Don't Try This Exercise When Working At Home

I'm sitting at my dining room table, trying to concentrate on my latest home working project when all I can hear is my biscuit tin calling me...

Does that sound familiar to you? When I worked in an office I found it easy to stay the right side of fit.

I walked to and from the bus stop every day (briskly when it was chilly!), took a bag full of healthy snacks to nibble on, went for a walk every lunchtime and drank nothing but water whilst I was there.

Then I started my freelance career working from home and realised that I was going to have to add proper exercise in to my already overly-busy day ... no commute, no enforced lunch hour and a well-stocked kitchen within arm's reach.

But as any home business owner knows there are rarely enough hours in the day to fit in everything you want to do, no matter how good your intentions (mine are fairly good, honest!).

As well as my freelancing stuff I've got a child to look after, a house to keep clean, a very hard-working husband to feed and then more work to get on with in the evening. So what's the answer?

Recently I posted an article by Jessica Velasco, on Home Working Exercises - and what kind of site would iHubbub be if we told all our members to do something that we hadn't tried out first?! 

WARNING: If you work from home don't try this exercise whilst working at your home office desk.

WARNING: If you work from home don't try this exercise whilst working at your home office desk.

After closing the curtains (not obligatory to the exercise, but I wouldn't want to put my neighbours through seeing me huff and puff...) I did a few warm-ups and then gave it a shot.

No. Not this madly insane exercise in this image. Not me. No way.

The one I tried is the chair dip that Jessica suggests in the article I mentioned above.

It's simple and effective - although if you haven't done this before I'd recommend not trying to use your keyboard for a while afterwards - my arms were a bit shaky and that led to some very interesting typos!

The lower body exercises worked well too - the leg lifts are really easy to do whilst you're working.

And if you're a home working freelancer with a willing toddler, you can get them to sit on your feet in order to increase the resistance and keep them amused at the same time!

The deep knee bends got me out of my chair and my blood circulating. Phew!

Installing a treadmill in my very limited space is unfortunately not going to happen, but I did get up every now and again to jog gently on the spot - not only good for you, but a great way to shake off the cobwebs and get your brain moving.

My favourite of Jessica's ideas however had to be the core exercises.

I already had an exercise ball but I'd never thought of swapping it for my chair before. Once I'd got my balance I found it surprisingly comfortable, and after a while I could really feel my core muscles working to keep me upright.

Plus it made me giggle every time I lost concentration and wobbled off to the side, and we all know that laughing is incredibly good for your mental health!

All-in-all I'd say that throwing in these exercise every time you sit down to work on your start-up business is a step in the right direction of keeping home working healthy.

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Befor you go ball-chair-hunting we want to hear more from you. What do you do when you're working from home to keep fit?

Tell us what you do, which part of your body it tones up, how often you do it and most importantly - does it work?!

Please do share any secrets with us too. We're good keepers of secrets!