A Fighting Fit Bedroom Start-Up

Here at iHubbub we're all about keeping home working fit; believe us when we say we know how easy it is to let this slide when your home office is only feet away from the tempting foodstuffs you can quickly knock up in the kitchen, and your commute is only from your bedroom to your computer!

So I was really interested in finding out more about fitness entrepreneur Paul Mort and his journey from starting a home business in the UK to now working beneath the sunny skies of Marbella!

We are oh-so-jealous Paul!

Lean Greens is Paul's own creation: a supplement brand which helps you to lose weight and increase your energy, and Bootcamp King allows Paul to share his expertise with other fitness professionals; in Paul's own words 'teaching them how to make more money and have more time off!' 

Hmm, wonder if he can teach that to all us home workers...I'll be first in the queue!

Paul runs his home business empire from beside the pool in Marbella now (ooh, that sunshine Paul Mort runs the Bootcamp King website from his home office in Marbellasounds so appealing as I look out of my home office window and see the grey UK skies!) but that's not where he first began starting up a home-based business.

He began studying and planning it in his bedroom in South Shields (not quite as warm there then); Paul was born and bred there, and wanted to do something to tackle the area's high obesity rate. 

He launched his own fitness bootcamps, plus a nutrition programme online and ran them successfully as a start-up home business for two years.

After that he sold the business and moved to Marbella to enjoy the weather and laid back lifestyle, and to bring his family up in a better environment.

Using his previous experience of how to start a home business it was here that he launched Bootcamp King to coach other fitness business owners, and the Lean Greens supplement.

It wasn't all plain sailing for this home business entrepreneur; he hadn't spoken Spanish since he was at school so quickly had to learn, and he found it extremely hard to keep up his home working motivation - as you would do when the sun is beating down and there's a pool-side lounger with your name on it!  He's helped to keep focused by his full-time PA who works remotely and keeps in touch using Google Drive, Schedule Once and Skype.

Paul is very happy living and running his online start-up businesses from his home in Marbella (well, who wouldn't be?!); with the biggest benefit being that he is able to enjoy the freedom it gives him to spend time with his son, and about-to-arrive daughter.          

And his advice to newbie start-ups?

“Surround yourself with positive people, hire a mentor if possible and be FEARLESS when it comes to failing; if you think you have, just get back up!“

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