Home Business Blogging Niche

Blogging has been around for a while now but it still feels relatively new, even when you know that there are people who are successfully working from home blogging.

I don’t know why I am so surprised as I help write the iHubbub home business blog and have been blogging and writing for websites for the past 7 years. But even now, when I am asked what I do, I find it hard to say that I blog, it just doesn’t feel like a real job, but it is one that many of us who work from home do.

home business blogging tipsWe can all blog, there are many free platforms that are available, one of the biggest is wordpress and there are millions of blogs being written every day.

However, just  as many have fallen and been left to sit there in cyber space as are being written each day.

You don’t want your home business blog to be one of the ones that just sit there. 

Especially as blogging for your home business can be a useful part of your digital marketing strategy and one that can bring a lot of traffic to your own home business website. Blogging by itself can also be a profitable online home business.

The key to successful blogging for your home business and also your home business being a blog is traffic. There are millions of websites and blogs out there, you need to be found, you need to find your voice and be heard.

When it comes to deciding what your home business blog is going to be about you know it will be about your home business. But that can be competitive and don’t take this the wrong way it could end up being a bit boring… really, I know it is shocking that not everyone is as into your home business as you are!

You need to find your niche within your market and become the expert.

When you are the expert within your niche, yours will be the go to home business blog for that subject and we are all an expert about something.

How To Be A Home Business Blogging Expert

The iHubbub home business blog is all about home business news but that is such a competitive market. Instead we write about our own home business experiences, setting up a business at home, the joys of being a mumpreneur and our tips to help you make your home business successful.

Or take a pet care home business, your blog could be about interesting local walks that are good for dogs, parks that are good to let your dog off the lead, tips to walk your dog, how to help your dog settle while you are away, top training tips. If you owned a dog business you would know all of this and more.

Share your expertise in your own voice and your visitors will trust you. When they next need a home business offering your services your blog will fill them with confidence that you are the right person for the job. A new customer for your home business, perfect.

Your home business blog will be an asset to your home business and help you grow.

Earning Money With Home Working Blogging

If you want to earn money from blogging you need to treat it like any other new home business and do your research. For a blog to be successful you need to have traffic and in most cases a lot of it.

The home business blogging holy grail is to find a niche that people are looking for online and one that is not that competitive. In other words a niche that not many have written about already!

This is not the time to be writing about what you want to write about… well you may be lucky to be able to do that but that is not always the best way! You could end up with a great looking blog but with no visitors and that is never a great way to make money.

There are a number of free online tools that you can use to find your niche and the easiest is to use the same research tools you may have used to find keywords for your home business website.

Keywords are basically what people type into search engines to find what they are looking for.

You need to find the keywords and see the demand that is there, then check how many people are already writing about it.

Free Online Tools For Home Business Blogging

  • Wordtracker – you type in a subject that you want to research and the wordtracker website will come up with the demand for keywords about your subject. I would definitely say that Wordtracker has been one of the main reasons I have been able to work from home blogging for the past 7 years.
  • Ubersuggest – I love this site as it takes your keywords and comes up with suggestions based on that word. These extra suggestions you can then use in Wordtracker if you haven’t found your ideal niche yet.
  • Google Adwords – You do need an account to use this, but it is free to sign up and the data you can get from using this is awesome. You can plug website urls into it and see the keywords that they use, you can plug in the keywords from wordtracker and you will get an estimate of the competitiveness of that keyword.
  • Google Trends – Well you do want to be writing about the next big thing! Seriously if you are anything like me you will end up plugging all sorts of nonsense into it as well… maybe that’s just me!

All of these tools will give you a good base to start your home business blogging business, but you need to be passionate about what you write about otherwise it can be such an ordeal to type a page let alone a regular blog. Don’t forget to write in your own voice, a blog is where you can have a bit of fun, your visitors will come back for more if they can relate to you.

Would love to hear what your home business blog is about ...