How To Become An Ethical Stalker

One of the best ways to build your profile as a small home based business owner is to move in the right circles.

Business networking is especially important for home-based businesses and freelancing consultants. But it can be a slow process if you're not meeting up with the right people.

Circles could also mean different things to different people. Many social-media-hungry-business-onwers are now even looking at Google Hangouts and finding out who is lurking around those circles.

In every field there are A-listers. It's a term borrowed from Hollywood that means the people who stand out. These people may not be famous exactly, but if you're serious about their field you will have heard of them.

They are people other people follow and listen to. Wouldn't it be great if A-listers in your field followed and listened to you? If they blogged about your business, and told their followers what a great service you offer?  How would you get them to do that?

By becoming an ethical stalker.How to become an ethical stalker to get more followers to your home based business

Okay, relax, I'm not talking about camping outside their house or intercepting their mail or buying a mobile gadet to spike their phone calls. None of that.

Ethical stalking means finding ways to provide value to them so that they will notice you and want to mention what you do to their followers.

Today, it's easier than ever to connect with people.

And what ever would we do without all our mod-cons and social-entrapments? Ey?

Most professionals have social media marketing accounts, and this is a great way to find out more about the people you want to connect with. The most important thing to remember when implementing ethical stalking is that givers get. You need to offer real value to them before they will want to connect with you.

Watch for questions - are they looking for comments on something? Give them feedback. I have a friend who once had a great conversation with a well known TV chef about whether cupcakes were the same thing as fairy cakes. That day she got 20 new followers to her (non-business) Twitter account

If they have a blog, posting comments is a great tactic. But make sure it's a genuine, considered response, something they will want to reply to.


Are You An Ethical Stalker?

So, you too should become an ethical stalker. Yes, you heard me correctly the first time. Calm down, stop the panting - unless, of course, you're panting with excitement at the prospect of being the said stalker ...

There are so many strings to the modern digital marketing bow and this could be one of yours. If you do it right of course.

Another great tip for connecting with high profile people is to buy from them. Most sellers today recognise the importance of responding to customers, so buy the product and give them feedback on it. Particularly if you can tell them how they helped you, ask an insightful question, or offer some constructive suggestions.

Gradually, they will begin to recognise your name and (hopefully) appreciate your contributions. They may check out your website or blog, so make sure you have content there which will appeal to their followers, and they may decide to share it in a post or tweet.

But the key is to give rather than sell.

Do you have any great social media stalking stories?

I have had a few ethical stalkers coming over to see me when I do public speaking events. One guy even stood around telling other people (who were queuing up to speak to me) to buy my book (Pimp My Site) and then proceeded to tell them what was so good about it.

Nice ethical stalker :)

Are you an ethical stalker? Pray, do tell ...