Myths About Website Navigation

I did a workshop at the Business Start Up Show last week and as usual I got mobbed afterwards with people who are starting up a business and many of them home business entrepreneurs.

One question I was asked - strangely enough - by a few people on this occasion was: when setting up a website do I use an ‘About Us’ and ‘Contact Us’ page. 

And another was: how do I design my website Navigation Map?

One small area of content is your ‘About Us’ page where you get the chance to tell people about you and your products and more importantly, why they have to have them. You know that old ‘to die for’ expression? Use it here.

Don’t wax lyrical and go overboard about how you started up your home business, just write out a fabulous summary with your unique proposal.

Another important point to take on board is to let your personality shine. Don’t be shy and hide who you are. You will build trust and creditability by shoMyths About Website Navigation when setting up your home based businesswing yourself, your staff and founders.

We didn’t include this when we first launched Remote Employment, thinking no one would care. Well, they did.

We got so many emails asking more about us and then, when we added our contact number, the phone rang off the hook because people were interested to know more about us and talk to us.

When we added pages on ourselves as Founders and then followed that up with a ‘team’ page, our visitors were delighted to meet us ‘virtually’ and we are constantly swamped with people telling us how wonderful it is to see the people behind the site. We are proud to show off our company’s personality. You should be too.

Being open and visible gains your visitors’ trust and builds integrity.

Another option is to include a Google Map flagging where you are in the world so people know you really do exist.

This is especially important if you have an office, warehouse or store where they can purchase goods.

Do check out the SEO Forum if you have any other questions on how to optimise your site. Or give me a shout via my iHubbub Profile.