Powerful Handwritten Notes Impress Clients

Following the start up business show where I gave a talk recently on do-it-yourself SEO, I received a handwritten postcard through my door thanking me for all the help I had given out that day.

It was a sweet gesture and it got me thinking about how nice it is to receive something other than bllls and pizza delivery flyers through the door.

If you work from home running a new start-up business, you'll know that the Postie visit is a good time to take a break from your lappie, hop downstairs, grab a coffee and see what peaks your interest in the pile of stuff your Postie brings.Do you write hand written business notes to thank new clients

It's wonderful, of course, to be able to communicate instantly and swap large files.

But for most people that little "ping!" that says "You've Got Mail!" is no longer met with excitement, but a secretly sinking heart, due to the overwhelming tyranny of "always-on" communication.

As Editor of iHubbub, my inbox is swamped, in fact it is downright drowning in ... stuff!

It comes flying in hour by hour, so much so that I often avoid it like the proverbial plague.

The average home business entrepreneur receives well over 100 email messages in their inbox every day. Then there's texting, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. It's no wonder we feel overwhelmed.

On the other hand, a simple postcard with a note handwritten on the back can really convey a degree of personal connection that is increasingly missing from our daily home working lives.

My mother kept every letter and note I ever sent her. Some of them were written in multi-colour felt tip pens on scented paper. I still go through them now and then if I stumble upon them when tidying out the back of my home office drawers.

Already, most of the communication I have with my son is in the form of text or phone. I don't go into Facebook messaging, it's just not me. But we have on occasion text or rung each other even when we're in the house and one of us is up or down and needing something. Mostly those occasions are are a bit of fun.

And my Co-Founder, Ken Sheridan, sometimes sends me a text to ask for tea. More fun.

Back to the point about hand written notes versus text messages. Even if I tried to keep them, it wouldn't be the same. Alth' I have kept a few special secret ones.

So why not consider writing a handwritten note following your next freelancing meeting or lunch with a new home business client?

You needn't take long over it.

A simple thank you message needn't be any longer than the average tweet. You can send an email as soon as you are back in the office for speed, but following it up with a physical card makes it clear your thanks are truly meant, not just a business courtesy.

You can make a point of collecting cards that appeal to you whenever you see them in a shop, or have some professional photos taken of your home business products and turn them into postcards via a service such as Vistaprint.

It's a small thing, sure, but it may mean a lot to the recipient, and it shows that you really do care.

Not only that, but you can be certain that your name will remain in the person's mind much longer than if you settle for a simple emailed thank you.

When was the last time you sent a handwritten note? And what did it say? Ooh, pray, do tell us ...