Ready For Your Home Business To Be Famous?

steve jobs home business garageHome business news this week is that Steve Jobs's old garage where he started building Apple computers with his friend Steve Wozniak, may become a historical building.

The Los Altos Historical Commission is assessing the garage this week on whether it should be listed.

This has got me thinking about my own home office shed and whether I should start to have a tidy up around here?

Clear Out The Spiders For The Home Office Tour Party

I mean, I just don’t think I am ready for visitors full stop at the moment and it might take some time to clear out all of my home office assistants a.k.a the spiders and ants and of course my home working pet, plus where would the visitors coaches park? And I doubt the neighbours would appreciate the extra traffic!

Starting to feel sorry for all of Steve's old neighbours, going from a quiet suburban neighbourhood to, what could become for some, a tourist attraction.

Of course building a business at home that becomes one of the biggest companies in the world is not going to happen to all of us, but it will happen to some of us ... so I hope you are all thinking carefully about your home business start-up space.

Wherever you start your home business from the kitchen table, a café or your spare room it will become part of your company’s history, the legend and possibly even your company’s culture. You may even find a space for the kitchen table in your boardroom, as it will show you how far you have come. Best to clear off the flour, crumbs and stains though.

Plus you never know your garage or shed may also one day be up for a historic site award.

Some big businesses and very successful business people still do work at home, Richard Branson is one example and is a big supporter of home businesses.

It goes to show we should all be much prouder of the home businesses that we are creating and building and know that we are part of a much bigger club that has a number of global stars.

Here are a few home business start-ups you may have heard about; Hewlett Packard, Virgin, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Martha Stewart.

Now excuse me while I go and get my duster out, I might have some visitors soon, just let me know when they stop by yours...