Robbie, Me And Our Home Office Shed

Robbie Williams rehearsing in his garden shedLittle did I know when two years ago my lovely husband offered to build me my home office shed in the garden that I would be starting a trend. Seriously, where once I followed the stars, there is now a star following me!

Following me to my shed ... that is.

According to Shed Workers Daily round up and the Daily Star (bet you never thought you would see those two names in the same sentence) the very gorgeous Robbie Williams is believed to be working on his new tour in … you’ve guessed it a garden shed. 

Now I hate to be the one to start rumours but a garden shed and in the same county! Who would have thought ;-)

However, I am slightly worried how Robbie and the band will survive in his metal shed in this sunny weather – they must be baking in there and hopefully they have the heating sorted out for the winter months. It can get a bit chilly working in a shed when it gets cold. You need to make sure your home office is a comfortable space for you.

Shedworking is different and fun, on the practical side it gives your start up home business its very own space away from normal life. Plus working in a shed is not the norm for most and for that reason alone it is worth doing!

Home office sheds have been evolving into something funky and cool. Architects are even designing spectacular sheds and there are multi million pound companies that have started life in a shed. So why not think about starting up your home business venture from your garden shed. May need de-cobwebbing and a good clean up first, though.

Plus Robbie is not the only famous shed worker, the humble shed has been the inspiration for many including Roald Dahl, George Bernard Shaw and Henry Moore had more than one shed studio. So it looks like Robbie has chosen a great place to be creative. Just wish the band would tidy up after they left ;-)

Come and join the home office shedworking revolution.