Stop The Bullying Of Home Businesses

Seriously I have had enough…

True, I spend more time on Facebook than the most rational of home business owners, after all it's part of my job for iHubbub to be monitoring and posting social media marketing content, but this past week has been a bit strange.

I network with a number of home businesses and freelancers on all of our social media accounts. I love to have a bit of banter and promote their goodies and home business services and I love to read their comments and general thoughts about the day. Especially the ones that make me laugh out loud in my home office shed.

stop home business bullyingThis week has been a bit different and it all started when one of our home businesses selling gifts noticed that there was a replica of their own facebook page.

Seriously, the imposters had even called their company the same name and had used the same font in the logo on their page.


It would be like waking up in the morning and finding that there is someone who looks just like you, has the same name, but isn't you. Hmmm, I am sure there is a film about that...

Anyway, a post on the original page let everyone know that there was a duplicate and a message was sent to the facebook admin.

Then a craft home business member noticed that another craft lady had started copying her designs and also selling them on facebook.

The only thing you can do to try and stop this is to make sure you watermark your images on your own page so everyone knows you are the original. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a way to safe guard your craft ideas.

I feel like shouting out Get Your Own Ideas!

But the post that really got my attention was by a home business mum. She was so angry she publicly posted messages about the horrible comments that had been posted on her home business facebook page.

Plus these social bullies had also been copying her designs.

Just awful that anyone would do that. This is a work from home mum who has started her craft business so she can be at home with her kids. This is not someone who is being nasty, or stepping on people to advance her business. Nope, just someone selling crafts through her facebook page.

How To Stop The Bullies

So, we just have to stop the facebook bullies that target our home business colleagues. Here is what to do if they stop by your facebook page and decide to push their weight around.

  1. Take a screen shot of the page, you do this by pressing the “FN” button and “PRTSC” button and paste this into a word doc or image file. This is because bullies aren’t brave and will delete their comments when the going gets tough. You want proof they were there.
  2. Next make a complaint to facebook and you can do this by clicking on the cogwheel icon in the top right of your facebook screen and then pressing Repost A Problem and then Report Abuse, spam or policy violations.
  3. Or you can report posts on your page by clicking on the X on the top right of the post to remove it and then a pop up window will allow you to report the post as a problem.

When you have reported and deleted their posts, it is time to move on. Sure have a rant, tell everyone how annoyed you are – I know I would be! But then you have to move on.

And don’t be put off running your home business by these people who go about copying your designs or writing nasty comments, because everything worth having is worth fighting for.

Don't forget if you want a safe place to network come and join in one of our online networking events from the comfort of your own home and even in your slippers! Or join in our forum and show off your home business in our galleries.

Would love to hear how you deal with the bullies. Well to be honest I hope I don't hear from you, as we would prefer you don’t have any at all.

But if they do stop by, give them a poke in the eye from us too.