The Polar RC3 GPS Is Your Irreplaceable Fitness Companion

Without a shadow of doubt your fitness regime will benefit greatly from some form of technology support - for example, a heart rate tracker, a calorie counter, a GPS distance monitor, a speed or endurance monitor or some other method of quantification that’s useful to you personally.

Cool Techie Fitness Gadgets

So the first challenge is to decide just what level of techno sophistication would be most useful to your personal fitness campaign.Polar GPS watch

The market is brim full of choice, from simple and cheap to hugely sophisticated and expensive.

A bit of thought for you to begin with is therefore a good idea such as:  ‘What do I want to monitor and how much do I want to spend to monitor it’.

That said, here’s a product that will be a massive benefit if your requirements are anything similar to mine.

The Polar RC3 GPS has great functionality, all the key measurement bases are covered, it’s very easy to use (no PHD in cutting edge gadget management required) and great value.

It will suit the enthusiastic beginner as well as those who are more serious about monitoring their fitness regime.

For my part my fitness circumstances are these:  As a home worker (of on an online business and therefore not enough moving around is done during the average day) I need a regular exercise campaign to counter balance the long hours spent in front of my computer screen.

Home Working Fitness Regimes

I’m not an exercise novice nor am I in training for Rio 2016.

I’m in a comfortable ‘mid table’ position as far as fitness requirements go. To achieve my fitness goals I attend the gym regularly, walk the dog regularly and cycle regularly. There’s not much hard running as a few London Marathons have taken their toll on certain moving parts.

For me, I like to know have far I’ve gone, how hard I’ve worked, what has happened to my heart rate and calorie burn as a result; I like to know whether my route, whether walking, jogging or cycling, has been testing in terms of my speed, inclines tackled and overall distance covered.

Give me this, and give it to me in a simple easy-to-use fashion, and I’ll be chuffed!

Enter the Polar RC3 GPS!

Impressive Fitness Gadgets

A great device to cover all these bases and more! In short, the things that really impressed me about this great device (essentially a chest strap and wrist watch) were these:

  • It has fantastic functionality yet it is very easy to get to grips with in order to access this very broad functionality
  • Training sessions are stored on the watch (and can be downloaded too) and can be retrieved to display a mass of useful data (eg. distance covered, average speed and top speed, incline/decline difficulty, calories burned and much more). It also gives you a short description of your training session – “Congratulations, you have increased your endurance capacity at high tempo”, was one of my reports. Just what I needed to hear! 
  • You can use the Fitness Test facility to monitor your fitness progress over 6 week intervals just to make sure that you are staying on track with the targets you set.
  • You can set the Polar to different modes – running (inc. walking), cycling or ‘other sports’ such as gym sessions so you get a measurement programme that’s tailored to the type of activity you are doing
  • The chest strap is very soft and comfortable and not an intrusion
  • It is good value. Given the breadth of functionality at your disposal the Polar RC3 is not at the bottom of the scale but its £249.50 price is fantastic value

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Home Working Dog Walkers Take Note

Just a word of advice to any regular dog walkers – don’t underestimate how demanding this type of exercise can be if you lean in to it. The Polar RC3 GPS will provide useful information on effort and distance that may surprise you!

So, for the regularly active person who has a preference for simple, sensible quantification of their activities, the Polar RC3 GPS is a fantastic help.

Of course, given its range of capabilities it can ‘grow’ with you as you become (or maybe you already are) an elite performer! So plenty of headroom if your needs become more sophisticated.
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