Top 5 Ways To Monetize Your Home Business Blog

Last week I wrote about how to find your home business blogging niche which is such an important foundation for having a successful blog that people visit. Yep, real people!

make money home business bloggingI remember the great feeling the first time when I checked the traffic to the home business blog at iHubbub and it wasn’t just ourselves and our family and friends that were reading it. There will be people all over the world that could potentially read your blog. The power of the home business blog is pretty amazing as part of your home business digital strategy.

But you may now be at a point where there are lots of people reading your home business blog and it would be good to earn some money from it.

There are lots of ways to do this, but before we go into them don’t start until you have fairly decent traffic. You need visitors to make money!

About 60 a day would be a minimum, unless you are selling high margin goods on your site and then you may only need one sale to be in the money.

Top 5 Ways To Monetise Your Home Business Blog

  1. Pay Per Click Adverts – These are the text adverts, where if a visitor clicks on them you will earn a few pence per click. Examples are Google Adsense, Medianet, Infolinks, and Kontera – there are others, those are just the ones that I have used.
  2. Affiliate Links – These are adverts placed on your site where if a visitor clicks on the link and buys from the company advertising you will earn a commission. You can earn some good money with these. I have found that if you talk about the product within your page and link to the specific product it does better than just adding a banner and hoping someone will click on it.
  3. Sponsorship – This is when you approach a company within your niche and offer to place their banners and links back to their site for a fee. They will ask you about the traffic your site is getting, so don’t start doing this until you have good visitor numbers each day.
  4. Sell E-Products – This could be an e-book you have written, or printables – invitations, plans, checklists, designs.
  5. Sell Products – Find a supplier and sell products related to your niche. You could do this by either dropshipping, which is when you pass on the order to the supplier after taking the money and they then send the goods as if they were you. It is a good way to not have to deal with sending and holding products yourself. Or you could go down the old fashioned route of having the items and sending them out.  Madness, I know!

Quite often home business bloggers will mix up the different ways to monetise their sites, you don’t want to rely on one way of earning money, and yes that is the voice of experience.
Would love to hear how you are monetizing your home business blog.