Top Ten Free Tools For Home Businesses

Finding freebies to help working from home has been an important part of my strategy! I don’t know about you but when I started my own home business I didn’t have much money to invest, so anyway I could save money I would.

Thankfully with all of the technology now available, lack of money is not a barrier to starting up on your own.

I still have a home business start-up mentality and if there is a way to do something for free, rather than paying for it, that is just as good if not better, then tI don’t know about you but when I started my own home business I didn’t have much money to invest in a fancy home office chairhat is the way I will choose.

Take my desk for example, it’s a great big thing and was completely free along with my office chair thanks to my sister in law’s work getting rid of a lot of office furniture.

I remember we “walked” the chair home as it wouldn’t fit in my car. Well, the desk was taking up too much space and it seemed a good idea at the time!

And who hasn’t wished they could have a go at travelling at some speed on their office chair?

Really? It's just me!

I don't believe you...

We have loads of fun at iHubbub and some time ago we road-tested some mobile working tools and had loads of fun checking out mobile working bags too.

Umm, back to the free home business tools ...


My Top Ten Home Business Freebies

Free stuff is not just about finding furniture in your home office there are also a lot of free online tools that can make a big difference to your business. Here are my top ten that I use every week.

  • Google Analytics – if you have a home business website then you will want to keep an eye on the numbers of vistors, where they come from and how they find you. There is so much information available and it is completely free to use. You will need to add the Google Analytics code to your website but it will be worth it.
  • Hoot Suite – I use Hoot Suite to manage our iHubbub twitter accounts and facebook pages all in one place as part of our digital marketing strategy. You can schedule posts and keep an eye on hashtags and keywords. This makes it much easier to join in home business conversations without having to take time to find them.
  • Ubersuggest – This is a fun keyword tool. You type in keywords that you would like to research and it comes up with more keywords. Using the right keywords is an important part of search engine optimisation for your home  business website.
  • Quora – A very busy Q and A site which I have found is good for research and is a nice way to tell others about all the good home business advice on iHubbub in our magazine section by answering questions.
  • Twitter – love it! Possibly the easiest way to connect to other freelancers and home businesses and you can learn so much about everything. It can play a big part in your home business marketing.
  • Skype – all of the iHubbub team are on Skype, it is free to use and we can communicate instantly with each other. I also use it to talk to advertisers and trainers for our webinars as quite often they are in another country and this way we get to talk for free.
  • Google Drive – this used to be Google Docs. You create word documents and spreadsheets and save them in your Google account. This is how I share documents with other iHubbub team members and it means we can all add to one document rather than passing it round and not knowing who has the most up to date one.
  • Feedly – is the tool I use to keep all of the latest posts from my favourite websites. It takes the RSS (really simple syndication) feeds from the sites I want to keep an eye on. It’s that orange button you see on websites, click on the button and you will be taken to the feed. Copy the url of the feed, it will have an ending .xml and then paste that into your reader of choice. This saves you time from jumping from one site to the next.
  • Online home business webinars – It amazes me how few people take advantage of all the great free webinars there are out there. I will listen in on one at least once a week and have really enjoyed organising iHubbubs webinars. It is free training for your home business and you can learn so much. Check out our recorded training videos for lots of tops tips.
  • Freecycle – although this is not strictly a home business solution and I don’t go on it every week, if  you haven’t had a look at Freecycle you are missing out. Basically it is a way for everyone to get rid of things they no longer need and the scheme was started to stop so much stuff going to landfill. You join your local one through Yahoo groups and then keep an eye out for things you may need to kit out your home office. You too may be walking your office chair home!

Would love to hear what your favourite free tools are for your business.