Top Tips For Mums Starting Home Businesses

I don't know about you but recently I have noticed more and more mums that I know are starting their own home based business. The first sign was when conversations at the school gate changed from kid stuff to business stuff, and I can't imagine that my children's school is very different from most around the country.

These are not just stay at home mums, most that I know already have a part-time job and are looking at ways to boost their income, be their own boss and feel confident that they can ... and have started their own business.

Sound like you?

running a business from homeFor many of us money is tight, annual wage increases are a thing of the past, school hour jobs are scarce and everything seems so expensive.

Taking on extra ways to bring more money into your household is a way of surviving and it is doable, I know, I have been there.

Juggling looking after your family, working and finding ideas for setting up your own business is busy but enjoyable. Losing the stress of not having enough money is a real motivator.

But after a long day at work, or looking after the kids, when all you really want to do is chill and relax how can you keep going? My advice would be to look at work from home jobs, or a home business or a home based franchise.

To give you some more home based business ideas on how you can work from home with your own home based business, Mums at my children's school have started up as childminders, virtual assistants, party planning, direct selling, cleaning, dog walking, children's activity franchises and selling their own handmade gifts. 

Browse through our map to see all of these talented working Mums in a wide variety of industry sectors, who enjoy juggling kids and work. 

My Top Tips For Working From Home

Passionate – you have to want to do this. Starting a self employed business that you are not interested in is hard work.  You want to have a fire in your belly and you want to feel excited about starting working on it - the business planning, marketing your new start up business and driving traffic to your online business with publicity and much more - then it won’t feel so much like work!

Flexible – you want your home business or freelance work to fit in around you, your family and your hobbies. This way you will be able to keep going longer, well that is until you are earning enough to hand your notice in at your day job.

Make Money – this may seem really obvious but before you start your business make sure you will be able to make money from your home business or freelance consultancy business. You don’t want to be working all the hours and not be rewarded, that would just be silly. Do your research to make sure your business will succeed.

Be Organised – don’t have your work scattered in lots of rooms of your house, try and keep everything together in one tidy home office environment. Whether that be the kitchen table, under the stairs or in a spare room, starting a home business should have its own little space.

The easiest way for me is to have a file box, when I have finished in my own home office (mostly shedworking for me) for the evening all my business planning stays uncluttered and tidy and goes in the file box - that way I know where everything is for the next day.

It won’t get muddled up with all of the other important pieces of paper left on the kitchen table or the sofa! It has less of a chance of ending up in your child's school bag inside their homework book, and yes that is the voice of experience!

Imagine what the teacher were chatting about over tea that day!!

If you have the space it would be even better to have a room that you can set up as your home office.

Would love to hear what jobs you are working on from home or the home business that you are setting up. Most find running a business from home a rewarding and liberating experience.

Even more ... I'd really like to know if anyone out there also had the teacher's tongues tied in gossip over paperwork muddles.